Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kawaii Hello Kitty Fortune-Teller Machine Toy

★check the type and number of balls... (ball type is two kinds)

★you can read your fortune in various combinations of balls...
first try balls, second time balls and third time around...
The result? 0%? (@_@;) 30%? (-_-;) 50%? (^_^;) or 100%? \(#⌒_⌒#)/

These are kawaii Hello Kitty fortune-teller machine toy.

All you have to do is turn a handle just three times.

Then the machine dispenses a balls.

Check the type and number of balls and you can read your fortune from the list.

Pink one is for love and blue one is for study.

Ball size is 7 mm. So cute miniature toy....♫♬♦♫⁺♦ ♦

Sorry...I am not good at English... (^_^;)